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For as long as I can remember, food has been my passion - Holidaying on a rural farm in Northern Wales when I was younger fed this. This is where I developed an understanding for real food after working the land and cooking seasonally. I remember fishing for Rainbow Trout then building a hot smoker to cook the fillets using smoke from oak chips grown and processed in a field across from us. This kind of cooking is the type I get most satisfaction from, hence the creation of ‘Will’s Pizza Revolution’ - a Mobile wood fired pizza trailer with plenty of character!

I never enjoyed the academic side of learning and prefered a more hands on approach, this combined with my love for real, good food is when I knew Chefing would be for me.

After getting the GCSE’s needed to advance into a culinary college, I did not hesitate in choosing Bath - One of the best colleges for this trade in the region. I studied there for 2 years, travelling 60 miles each day. Here, I developed my skills with like minded, driven chefs.

Towards the end of my college life, I travelled to Sevilla, Spain to cook in a bustling tapas bar named ‘Bar Antojo’. During my time here, I learnt countless life lessons which I can apply to Pizza Rev also turning 18 out there which was messy to say the least. I didn't speak a word of Spanish when I arrived much like the chefs didn't speak a word of English but, I guess food speaks its own language…

Tom Will Owner of Wills Pizza Revolution

Tom Will

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